What I Offer

I offer developmental, line, and proofreading edits for novels, blog posts, marketing content, and more. Let me know how I can help you reach your goals for your writing.

Developmental Edits

Whether you’re stuck on a draft or have a full novel and just want a second opinion, I offer developmental edits to look over character development, structure, plot, and pacing. As a writer, you’re often too close to your work to see some of the issues. A second pair of eyes could be just what you need to catch any sluggish sections or plot holes.

Line Edits

You’re finished - the plot is solid and your characters are realistic. You just need someone to help you polish it up a bit. Here is where I look at flow, word-choice, and consistency. If your main character has brown eyes in the first chapter, they better be brown in the twenty-seventh.


After every transition has been smoothed and every word-choice perfected, a final edit to catch all grammar and spelling errors will finish off your work. My goal is to make your work sparkle from start to finish.


What I charge:

Not all jobs are created equal. Some take a bit more time than others, and some take hardly any time at all. In light of this, for my first-time novel clients, I like to do your first 5,000 words of work for free.

Yes, completely free of charge.

This is how it works: you’ll send me the first 5,000 words of your manuscript, I will do whatever type of edit you wish me to do (content, line, or proofreading), and then I will give you the finished pages with any comments I have.

The reason I do this is that it gives us both a chance to decide if I am a good fit for the project, while also allowing me to gauge the amount of time it will take to finish editing the manuscript in its entirety. So, you get to see what kind of work I do and whether you like it, and I get to more accurately sense the scope of the work.

Once the edit on the 5,000 words are finished, I will let you know how much time I believe the project will take. I will also include my pricing for the project.

My general prices are between $0.011 to $0.02 per word for content and line edits, while proofreading is between $.005 to $.012 per word. These prices are largely based on the complexity of the work to be done, thus the need for the initial, 5,000 word edit.

Whether we decide to continue with the project or not, you will never owe me for the the work I do on those 5,000 words. That is a $25-$100 savings on your project, again, whether you decide to hire me or not.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the process. I look forward to hearing from you!