Hi! My name is Hannah Reedy. To read more about me, visit my  blog .

Hi! My name is Hannah Reedy. To read more about me, visit my blog.

About Me

My name is Hannah Reedy and I am an editor and writer. Ever since I wrote my first book, The Little Unhappy Fish, at age five, I’ve been hooked on story. I am a huge English nerd — Tolkien and Austen are my heroes, and I can geek out for hours over an artfully constructed sentence or a complex character whose inner turmoil is exacerbated by a compelling plot. And don’t get me started on The Walking Dead. It works for me on so many levels.

I believe story has so much to offer us as an art form, and truly has the power to engage and change minds in powerful ways, but only if it’s accessible and interesting. If the audience doesn’t want to read it, it may as well not be written. My goal is to help put stories into delicious forms for readers so they will pick up a book, be interested by the summary, hooked by the opening pages, and compelled to continue reading to the climactic end, only to finish desperate to find more of your books.

Let’s see what we can do together.

My husband, Brock, and I live with our cat, Cozy, in the Pacific Northwest. Snuggling up with blankets, tea, and books is a common pastime while it rains outside our windows.