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Hannah Reedy - Editor

The Storian - Where writing is refined

I’m a believer in story. Through story, we play, learn, escape, grow, and change - both as readers and writers.

It is my mission to help you tell your story well and to get your writing to be your best possible work, something you’re really proud of.

I offer developmental, line, and proof edits to refine your writing. Click below to hire me.


Developmental Edits

Whether you’re stuck on a draft or have a full novel and just want a second opinion, I offer developmental edits to look over character development, structure, plot, and pacing. As a writer, you’re often too close to your work to see some of the issues. A second pair of eyes could be just what you need to catch any sluggish sections or plot holes.


Line Edits

You’re finished - the plot is solid and your characters are realistic. You just need someone to help you polish it up a bit. Here is where I look at flow, word-choice, and consistency. If your main character has brown eyes in the first chapter, they better be brown in the twenty-seventh.


Proofreading Edits

After every transition has been smoothed and every word-choice perfected, a final edit to catch all grammar and spelling errors will finish off your work. My goal is to make your work sparkle from start to finish.